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Prime Minister meets ambassador of Lithuania

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 14:30
Prime Minister Ion Chicu today had a meeting with Ambassador of Lithuania to Moldova Kestutis Kudzmanas.   The Prime Minister referred to the cabinet’s priorities. “The justice reform remains our priority. We are aware that, without order in the judicial system, we will not be able to make progress in other sectors either,” the prime minister said.   Ion Chicu also stressed that an action plan of the government, due to comprise all aspects of the social and economic life, would be approved at the next cabinet meeting.   „We have great plans on improving the national economy through massive investments in infrastructure and energy security. In this respect, we try to maintain an open dialogue and a balance with all our foreign partners, as well as with the international organizations,” Ion Chicu noted.   For his part, Ambassador of Lithuania Kestutis Kudzmanas reiterated his state’s support for Moldova and confirmed the Lithuanian government’s willingness to provide assistance and expertise where needed.   „Moldova needs international support now. We recommend that the Moldovan government more intensely asks for support on behalf of foreign partners. The European Union is ready to provide support, but, first of all, it wants to see concrete results of the reforms,” the Lithuanian diplomat said.       In the end, Ambassador Kestutis Kudzmanas thanked the prime minister for openness and wished him success in his work. 

22-year-old breaks into homes of elderly women, rapes one

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 13:50
The Edinet Town Court sentenced a 22-year-old man to 13 years in jail for burgling the homes of two women aged 62 and 73 from Burlănești village the same evening. He raped one of the two women, threatening her with a knife, and mistreated the other one. He aimed to steal money, but could not find some and left with several low-value items, IPN reports.The Procurator General’s Off

BREAKING NEWS: Moldova's traffic to get paralyzed on 'black Wednesday'

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 13:50
The carriers announce to go out on strike on December 11 to protest against the Economy Ministry's examination of their request to raise transport tariffs. Accordingly, nearly 1500 transport units from 35 districts and municipalities will join the "black Wednesday". Citește mai departe...

Pakistan paramedic 'stole baby to give to childless aunt'

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 13:10
The little girl has not been given a name yetA paramedic in Pakistan has been arrested after allegedly stealing a baby to give to her childless aunt.The little girl was taken shortly after birth from a hospital in Balochistan, in the south-west of the country. But the family was initially unaware of her disappearance as no-one revealed her mother had given birth to twins.The first they knew was when the girl's mother regained consciousness and asked where "the other girl was", her brother-in-law told the BBC.The FBI said I was my parents' stolen baby - but I found the truthAbdul Hamid had taken the mother-to-be, Jamila Bibi, to the hospital in Loralai, about 60km (37 miles) south-west of their village, on Wednesday, police said.He told police that after delivery, Jamila Bibi's family was handed one little girl and told to take the patient home as she was doing fine.However, Jamila Bibi remained in a semi-conscious state for the next couple of days, during which time the twin she had returned home with died.And then - once she recovered - the new mother revealed something which left the family startled."On Friday, when Bibi had recovered her senses, she asked where her other girl was. We were stunned," Abdul Hamid told the BBC.

Over 3,700 people purchased home under First Home program

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 13:00
Over 3,700 people purchased home under First Home program

Over 3,700 dwellings bought through “First House” program so far

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 13:00
More than 3,700 homes have been purchased as part of the governmental program “First House” since its launch so far. According to the Ministry of Finance, the banks released loans totaling 1.8 billion lei and the guarantees came to 936.6 million lei, IPN reports.Most of the beneficiaries are families and slightly over 1,000 are unmarried young people. The average age of the

CSM admitted notification of former interim prosecutor general on arrest of judge

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:40
CSM admitted notification of former interim prosecutor general on arrest of judge

Ivan Diacov: Former prosecutors will handle case of bank fraud

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:40
Former prosecutor of Chisinau municipality Ivan Diacov said the prosecutors who dealt with the case concerning the bank fraud will be replaced. This resonant case will be handled by people from outside the Prosecutor’s Office, which is by former prosecutors. Discussions are now held with former prospectors and solutions to reintegrate them into the system are being looked for, IPN

What happened at Putin and Zelensky's first ever meeting

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:30
Sitting two seats away from the leading architect of his country’s five-year war, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said he had travelled to Paris in the hope of reaching consensus to bring the conflict to an end. “The important thing for me is human life,” Mr Zelensky said in the press conference that followed six hours of talks. “It’s why I’m here.” It was the first time the two leaders met in person – and the first convocation of the “Normandy” peace negotiating quartet of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine since 2016. By the end of the evening, there was a new agreement for a full prisoner exchange and ceasefire before the new year. There was also a commitment to three pilot troop disengagement zones and de-mining. But the sides did not get close to a political settlement to the conflict.

PAS (ACUM) MP: General Prosecutor Stoianoglo is close to Igor Dodon

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:30
The decision of new General Prosecutor Alexandr Stoianoglo to delegate Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office chief Viorel Morari to the General Prosecutor's Office is illegal, announced PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco. Citește mai departe...

Czech hospital shooting: Four dead and gunman at large, authorities say

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:20
Four people have been killed in a shooting at a hospital in the Czech Republic, police have said. The attack took place in the city of Ostrava.

Ion Chicu says when his Cabinet could be removed

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:20
Prime Minister Ion Chicu said the Government he heads cold leave much earlier or much later than the next year’s presidential elections and everything depends on the results delivered by the Cabinet. According to him, if the expectations of society are not met by the new Government until next April-May, any minister or even the Prime Minister can leave, IPN reports.“This is

Official exchange rate for December 10, 2019

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:10
The National Bank has set an exchange rate of 19.26 lei for one euro.The US dollar officially sells at 17.40 lei.The Romanian leu – 4.03 Moldovan lei.The Ukrainian hryvnia trades at 73 bani, while the Russian ruble - 27 bani. Citește mai departe...

Sergiu Litvinenko: Procedure for appointing Viorel Morari at PGO is illegal

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 11:50
MP of the PAS group Sergiu Litvinenko said the new Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo’s decision to name the chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (APO) Viorel Morari as prosecutor at the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) is illegal. He noted the legislation clearly stipulates in what situations a person can be delegated to work for a period of up to a mon

Attitude to women’s participation in decision-making has changed, poll

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 08:20
The more important is the executive post, the higher is the number of people who prefer this post to be held by a man rather than a woman. According to a poll carried out by the Partnership for Development Center during October 25-31, the people in Moldova still believe that particular categories of persons should not become involved in the decision-making process or hold public posts.

About new parties with old ambitions, chaos in the judiciary that suits bandits and what the corrupt think about corruption

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 08:10
Key from December 9, 2019 IPN newscastParts that form “matryoshka” no matter how they are placedA new party of the left appeared on the political arena of the Republic of Moldova. This is the Common Action Civic Congress Party whose constitution congress was held on December 8. The new party was founded by former Communist MPs Mark Tkachuk and Iurie Muntean. They also d

Official exchange rate for date 10.12.2019

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 07:10
CurrencyCodeABRRateExchange RateAlbanian lek 008 ALL 10 1.5696 Armenian Dram 051 AMD 10 0.3644 Australian Dollar 036 AUD

Moldova to get natural gas through trans – Balkan corridor in case of lack of transit through Ukraine

Mon, 12/09/2019 - 22:20
Moldova to get natural gas through trans – Balkan corridor in case of lack of transit through Ukraine

Promo-Lex: “The illegal presence of the Russian army on the territory of Moldova represents a support of an administration that deliberately violates the human rights.”

Mon, 12/09/2019 - 21:10
One of the most controversial territory in Europe, a self-proclaimed republic, which officially is part of the Republic of Moldova – Transnistria, still has on its territory two Russian military contingents since the Fourteen Army of the Ministry of Defence of the Soviet Union was established in the region in 1956. The Russian troops have […]


Mon, 12/09/2019 - 21:00
În Bălți, a fost lansat un proiect pentru socializarea persoanelor cu dizabilități, în care 10 persoane sunt deja relocate în așa-numita locuință de instruire. Acolo învață o viață independentă – să gătească, să spele, să curețe, să aibă grijă singuri de ei . Totul este aranjat în case în așa fel încât să le fie […] Сообщение PERSOANELOR CU DIZABILITĂȚI LE SUNT OFERITE LOCUINȚE ȘI SUNT ÎNVĂȚAȚI SĂ FACĂ TREBURILE CASNICE появились сначала на BTV.


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