- march, 2010, the German Management Academy of Lower Saxony, Celle, Germany, was born  the first idea, and was made the first step ...

Qualified theoretical modules and highly skilled professionals in a symbiotic relationship with German companies - this is what defines the Moldova-Germany Managers Training Programme, that lasted for one month.

Informal atmosphere, long discussions and debates on facts and ideas, comparison of economic opportunities and the potential of the Republic of Moldova, was an integral dominant atmosphere in the whole group, during entire training process. Various activities of each participant, allowed combining practical knowledge, thus identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the tasks.

Therefore, continuation and deepening of establish relationships among programme’s participants were both desirable and necessary. A new idea generated by one participant of the project was an important step, but not a decisive one. So, by the end of the program a concept has beeinpresented to the entire group and the German Academy of Management, based on following mission:

The mission of the INVENT Moldova association is to maintain and develop continuous Moldovan-German relationship established within internship program, through the creation and development of the alumni association.

Since 2010 - the year of the establishment of association, INVENT Moldova based on the principle of deepening the Moldovan-German economic and cultural relationship and the need for social networking among program participants.

Following this line of thoughts, the working group consisted of:

Iuliana OSOIANU, management board member

Lilia SANDUL, management board member

Marina GROSU, management board member

Iurie CALESTRU, management board member

Anatol PALADE, management board member

Diana SURUCEANU, censor

Dumitru SLONOVSCHI, vice-president

Mihai BOSTAN, president

founded INVENT Moldova, officially registered on October 8, 2010.

With respect,