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One more step to success!

Association INVENT Moldova combines business with pleasure, work and leisure and all this through communication. On Friday, 19th of July 2013, other meeting of Moldovan-German Managers Programme’s alumni took place.
Their training was held at the Export Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg (, Tübingen, Germany, during 03-29.07.2013 period, and at the Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen (, Celle, Germany, from 20.06 - 16.07.2013.
New ideas and enthusiasm characterize this group of managers. In an informal environment, they discussed their experiences in Germany, as well as the goals of the organization INVENT Moldova.
Nadejda Damashkan, MTP’s alumna, May 20-June 16, 2013: "In a warm and friendly atmosphere, meeting colleagues from Moldovan-German Managers Programme was more desirable than ever. The history of the founders of the INVENT Moldova inspired me, I want to join the team, to get new skills and opportunities to develop my own business."