FORUM - video report

The 4th Inter-Regional Forum Alumni

Society GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in collaboration with the Association of Alumni "INVENT Moldova", the Center for Professional Development (the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Moldova) and the Association of Business Corporation in Belarus, invites you to the IV-th Interregional Forum of graduates of the Managers Training Programme for Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. Forum will be held on 4-5 October 2013 in Chisinau.
The Forum offers you a unique platform to communicate and establish business contacts with other entrepreneurs - alumni. At this international and intercultural forum, experts and entrepreneurs from Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova will take part. During the Forum a series of activities will be organized, such as workshops, business games, speed networking and a trip to Chateau Vartely. During two days the participants will have the chance to acquire not only knowledge, but good mood and good memories as well.

Management training program funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany.

Results of the "Manager Training Programme"

For promoting Ideas. Contacts. Partnerships. Forum to be held on 04-05.10.2013 and Manager Training Program in Moldova, Association INVENT Moldova launched a TV campaign on Prime TV channel (that was the most receptive to this initiative by providing to us five commercials). During the interview Program’s graduates willl present their companies and business.

Opportunity to take part in economic programs was given for sharing succes stories as result of partnerships established with German entrepreneurs, about modernization processes by procurement of new equipments fromGermany etc.

Weekly,  each alumni of the program will speak about professional results achieved after the implementation experience and studies gained in Germany. In this purpose a competition was launched and only five companies that have achieved best results have been selected.

The first television brodkast of this kind took place on 5th September 2013 during the TV Show First Hour at Prime TV. The manager of the Esc Pur company, Mr. Ion Lupu, talked about his successes after attending the Manager Training Program Germany-Moldova.

One more step to success!

Association INVENT Moldova combines business with pleasure, work and leisure and all this through communication. On Friday, 19th of July 2013, other meeting of Moldovan-German Managers Programme’s alumni took place.
Their training was held at the Export Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg (, Tübingen, Germany, during 03-29.07.2013 period, and at the Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen (, Celle, Germany, from 20.06 - 16.07.2013.
New ideas and enthusiasm characterize this group of managers. In an informal environment, they discussed their experiences in Germany, as well as the goals of the organization INVENT Moldova.
Nadejda Damashkan, MTP’s alumna, May 20-June 16, 2013: "In a warm and friendly atmosphere, meeting colleagues from Moldovan-German Managers Programme was more desirable than ever. The history of the founders of the INVENT Moldova inspired me, I want to join the team, to get new skills and opportunities to develop my own business."

Diana Suruceanu 
  Manager Branch No.7, "FinComBank" SA  

 The participation in the "MANAGER TRAINING PROGRAMME GERMANY-MOLDOVA" brought a number of advantages, related to professional and personal development, exchange of experience in management, implemention of new management techniques to management- staff relationship.
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Adela Cazac
Administrator SKYTOWER Business Centre

I believe that organizing the event "Contacts. Ideas. Partnership. The 4-th Regional Forum GIZ Moldova-Ukraine-Belarus Programme Allumnihas a real importance for the development of cooperation between Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. Furthemore, it is a perfect environment for efficient communication and exchange of informations between local and foreign companies. Read more...


Veronika Raețchi  
Manager Chateau Vartely Travel Agency 

Immediately after my return from Germany, I really wanted to share with as many   people as possible, about the extraordinary experience during my internship   program. Next years I encouraged numerous people to apply for this program,   offering useful advices.   Read more...  


Iurie Șalaru
Manager Public Media Grup

Honestly before going to Germany, I did not understand the selection criteria of the group of which I was a member. Moreover, I could not understand why the group was so diverse group as business activities: agriculture, medicine, security, pharmaceutical, software, stores - retail, banking, advertising, furniture, travel. Read more...