Strengthening Positions – INVENT participates at the selection interviews for the 2015 Manager Training Program

Most of you might know that the selection for the 2015 Manager Training Programs is currently at its final processing stage and the candidates will soon find out the results.

What is probably less known, is that this year the organizers came out with a new element of procedure, a very important one in our opinion. For the first time GIZ decided to involve the alumni associations in the selection process. We are very happy to inform that INVENT Moldova, along with ABCooperation (The MP alumni association from Belarus) were the first associations to test this new formula.

Tobias Knubben, the senior project coordinator, explains that this decision came about as a natural suite of the strong cooperation established these last years between GIZ, the national corporate partners and these alumni associations. Therefore, this new level of collaboration can be perceived as way of institutionalizing it.

In this context, six of our members (Mihai Bostan, Adela Cazac, Marina Cristea, Nadejda Damașcan, Anatol Palade and Lilia Sandul) kindly agreed to represent INVENT in this responsible mission and accompanied Tobias Knubben in interviewing the candidates, during the last week of November.

Sharing their feedbacks, all the members agreed that this experience was a highly positive and valuable one for all the parts involved in the process: an added value for the selection’s efficiency, an important step forward in INVENT’s development, a better orientation for the candidates and certainly an enriching exercise for the personal proficiency.

In terms of interviews’ efficiency, a major contribution brought by INVENT members was considered to be their grasp of the national economic and business particularities. These being integrated, the conversations could, certainly, be organized in a more constructive manner, targeting directly the key issues to be raised in each candidate’s case. Moreover, having behind the program’s experience, the alumni felt particularly helpful in assessing the candidates’ purposes for participating, their approach to this sort of questions being a more specific one. In the same time, the candidates themselves, could benefit from information provided by INVENT members regarding the program as such and the daily life in Germany.

Furthermore, such a practice is undoubtedly a great occasion for INVENT to get in contact with its potential members, to present the association in advance, thus preparing a fruitful cooperation with the future alumni. On the other hand, this is also an opportunity to identify good candidates among those that did not fulfil the required criteria and help them prepare their applications for the next year. This is an action that INVENT would be happy to coach.

In addition, through this participation, INVENT itself could strengthen its positions, consolidate its relations with the Chamber and prove once again its openness for offering support to GIZ and the Chamber in coordinating and promoting the programme.

All the involved members confessed having experienced highly positive feelings along the interviews. Most of them were enthusiastic to discover this young generation of entrepreneurs, their strong motivation, their diverse and dynamic ideas, all these leading to optimistic thoughts concerning the evolution of business environment in Moldova.


October 2014 has started with a new training seminar organized by INVENT Moldova, with the highly appreciated support of GIZ. This time the association’s members were invited to explore a specific financing instrument known today under the name of Hermes Cover. More precisely, this instrument is a German export credit guarantee and it presumes that the state assumes the majority of the payment default risk arising from the export towards countries rated with a high level of risk. This guarantee offered by the German Federal Government is provided by two private intermediates, acting on its behalf: Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG (the lead, and the name’s origin) and PWC.

The training’s attenders had the great opportunity to be offered the information from the source itself: Mr. Andreas Steinborn – the coach and speaker of the training – has a 20 years long work experience at Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG. Since 2005, Mr. Steinborn had also been in charge with establishing the Euler-Hermes Unit in Russia, and today he is managing DELCREDA, a company he has founded, that provides credit management services, mainly for the Russian and CIS markets.

It goes without saying that apart a very explicit presentation, the participants could get professionals answers and explanations to all their questions, thoughts or doubts.

As to the subject itself, most of the participants confessed in their feedbacks that they were not acquainted with this instrument before. A particular interest was shown by the participants whose businesses operate with imported material: raw material, various equipment (mostly discussed was the imported medical equipment), etc. Some of the issues discussed in this sense concerned the conditions the foreign dealers have to comply with in order to obtain the Hermes cover and eventually the extent to which national companies can contribute to facilitating this process. Regarding the participants interested in export, while agreeing that this instrument is not easily accessible to Moldovan producers, they could receive detailed clarifications from Mr. Steinborn on the factors influencing their eligibility, and on some specific schemes they could apply in order to benefit from an export credit guarantee.

The Hermes cover subject has been diversified by the intervention of the special invitee – Mr. Vitalie Dragancea, the General director of the National Institute of Standardization and Metrology. His speech brought into discussion a comparison between the standardization methods applied in Moldova and those used in the EU Countries, focusing on issues regarding the imported goods.

Dragi colegi,

INVENT Moldova, exprimă cele mai înalte considerente pentru toți absolvenții Programului moldo-german de sporire a calificări managerilor.

Precum am anunțat în cadrul întrevederii de iarna a membrilor INVENT Moldova, în data de 13 iunie 2014 vom avea o întrevedere cu delegația germană, având drept obiectiv –  Identificarea potențialelor afaceri pentru stabilirea parteneriatului moldo-german și / sau investirea capitalului german”  în cadrul Vizitei de Studiu în Republica Moldova organizată de asociația obșteasca Moldauisch-Deutsche Wirschaftsvereinigung.  Interesul pentru fiecare membru al delegației în parte îl determinați conform listei delegației germane din anexa la prezentul mesaj.

Numărul participanților din cadrul INVENT Moldova este restricționat, astfel vor beneficia de INVITAȚIE (notificare personalizată pe e-mail), doar persoanele de la care vom avea un feedback cu argumentarea foarte succinta a interesului bine determinat față de tematica întrunirii. Participanții vor fi selectați conform principiului –participă acei care primii au expediat mesajul.

Întrevederea dată va avea loc la 13 iunie 2014 Hotelul Codru (restaurant), ora 19-00, în format bursa de contacte și furchet!

Termenul limită de recepționare a mesajelor este vineri, 06 Iunie 2014.

Cu profund respect,

INVENT Moldova
+373 690 10 363

Dragi colegi,

Ne grăbim să vă informăm că a început selecția candidaților în cadrul Programului de Sporire a Calificării Managerilor Moldova - Germania, care va avea loc pe 18-19 Martie 2014. Depunerea cererilor de participare se va face pînă la 15 Martie 2014 , completînd chestionarul următor (vezi mai jos) și expediindu-l la următoarele adrese sau Pentru referințe suplimentare cu privire la program, de asemenea puteți accesa următorul link:

Prioritățile de selecție a candidaților:

  1. Cooperarea economică în domeniul eficienței energetice în industrie
  2. Cooperarea economică în domeniul eficienței energetice în construcția și renovarea de clădiri și structuri
  3. Cooperarea economică în domeniul energiei regenerabile
  4. Cooperarea economică în sectorul sănătății
  5. Cooperarea economică în industria minieră și de resurse
  6. Cooperarea economică din sectorul de tehnologie de mediu în apă și salubritate , gestionarea deșeurilor
  7. Cooperarea economică în sectorul agricol

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