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Updated: 1 hour 36 min ago

Coronavirus: Indian states abandon labor protection to revive economy

1 hour 48 min ago
In a bid to draw investment and boost industry in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, some Indian states have suspended most labor laws. Many fear that the moves may lead to slave-like conditions in workplaces.

Coronavirus: Babies born to surrogates stranded in Ukraine clinic

1 hour 59 min ago
A video that surfaced in Kyiv showing newborns who can't be reunited with their adoptive parents is causing outrage. DW investigates the contentious, but lucrative practice of surrogacy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thuringia: Germany’s coronavirus guinea pigs?

2 hours 13 min ago
Thuringia could become the first state to completely lift restrictions aiming to slow the spread of coronavirus. State premier Bodo Ramelow has triggered a heated debate on whether this is a sensible local response.

Coronavirus latest: Japan lifts state of emergency

2 hours 16 min ago
Prime Minister Sinzo Abe said the virus had been brought under control. Meanwhile, restrictions are being lifted further across much of Europe. Follow DW for the latest.

Covid-19: Summer vacation away from the mainstream

2 hours 45 min ago
Holidays are his profession: Publisher Michael Müller is one of the co-creators of a series of individual travel guides in Germany. We asked him what the prospects for summer holidays in 2020 might be.

Spain to reopen to foreign tourists from July

3 hours 35 min ago
The Spanish government has hinted at a possible reopening to foreign tourism this summer. It comes as a raft of lockdown measures were eased in Madrid and Barcelona on Monday.

Lufthansa and German government agree bailout — reports

3 hours 46 min ago
The much-anticipated deal is being reported by German news agency DPA. The rescue package is meant to help the airline cope with losses incurred by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recycling dilemma: good plastic, bad plastic?

4 hours 9 min ago
The best plastic is the kind that is never generated in the first place, the second best is recycled. EU plans for a circular economy stipulate increased recycling rates, but that alone won't solve the plastic crisis.

Volkswagen scandal: Top German court rules automaker must pay 'dieselgate' compensation

4 hours 54 min ago
Germany’s top civil court has ruled against Volkswagen in the first case brought by a car owner against the automaker for emissions-test cheating. The ruling sets a precedent for thousands more cases.

Germany: Traffic deaths fall to lowest point since reunification

5 hours 21 min ago
Deaths on the road have plunged to the lowest point since 1990 thanks to reduced traffic during the coronavirus lockdown. Accidents have also allen significantly.

Germany enters recession due to coronavirus

5 hours 39 min ago
A slump in investments, consumption and exports pushed the German economy into recession in the first quarter, detailed data has confirmed. Economists predict the situation will get even worse in the next quarter.

Your 2030 electric vehicle is parked on the bottom of the ocean

5 hours 48 min ago
Billions of tons of valuable polymetallic nodules are dozing on the Pacific Ocean floor southeast of Hawaii, a key potential source of materials for making EV batteries. We know how to harvest them. What's stopping us?

Hong Kong: Taiwan offers help amid anti-China protests

6 hours 56 min ago
Taiwan's president Tsai ing-wen promised to provide the people of Hong Kong with the "necessary assistance" as tension in the city rises over China's new national security law.

Coronavirus: Experts warn of bioterrorism after pandemic

8 hours 24 min ago
The Council of Europe has warned of a potential increase in the use of biological weapons, like viruses or bacterias, in a post-coronavirus world. Terrorists would not forget "lessons learned" during the pandemic.

Coronavirus latest: Donald Trump bans entry into the US from Brazil

13 hours 32 min ago
The US president made the move as Brazil's COVID-19 crisis deepens and its death toll rises sharply. The proclamation prohibits entry for anyone who has been in Brazil in the last 14 days. Follow DW for the latest.

Afghanistan to release 2,000 Taliban prisoners as 'goodwill gesture'

13 hours 54 min ago
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has announced plans to release more Taliban prisoners in response to the militant group's three-day Eid ceasefire. Kabul's move could finally pave the way for intra-Afghan talks.

'Hitler's alligator' that survived Battle of Berlin dies in Moscow

16 hours 43 min ago
An alligator who survived the bombing of Berlin in 1943 and is rumored to have belonged to Adolf Hitler has died in a Moscow zoo aged 84. "Animals are not involved in wars and politics," the zoo said.

Bundesliga Bulletin: Bayern and Dortmund fly into Klassiker, Schalke hit new low

Sun, 05/24/2020 - 22:11
Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund impressed in their final games before Tuesday's crucial Klassiker. Elsewhere, Timo Werner and Kai Havertz inspired their teams to victories, but Schalke suffered another humiliation.

Boris Johnson rejects calls to fire top aide for breaking lockdown

Sun, 05/24/2020 - 21:56
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended his top adviser over allegations of hypocrisy saying he acted "responsibly and legally." Dominic Cummings traveled 250 miles when he should have been self-isolating at home.

Is US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell set to step down?

Sun, 05/24/2020 - 21:10
The US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, is rumored to be leaving Berlin after two years on the job. A staunch Trump ally, Grenell made very few friends in the political establishment.


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