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Updated: 4 hours 44 min ago

Israel-Hamas war: Netanyahu says Rafah key to total victory

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 22:13
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back on calls to delay a Rafah offensive, saying total victory is just weeks away. Netanyahu said a cease-fire would only delay his decision, not put it off for good. DW has more.

Steinmeier: 'High time to tender apology to Namibian people'

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 21:08
The German president's visit to Namibia, primarily meant to honor the late President Hage Geingob, has heightened expectations about a possible apology over colonial-era genocide.

Afghanistan: Taliban release Austrian far-right extremist

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 20:34
An 84-year-old who had been held in a prison in Afghanistan has been released. Austrian media has reported the man as being a co-founder of a far-right party that was banned in 1988.

Hamas in Moscow: What is Russia's role as Mideast mediator?

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 19:13
Feuding Palestinian organizations groups are set to meet in Moscow this week for talks. Russia wants to help bring them together and potentially free more hostages. But even if it doesn't, the Kremlin will still win.

Can von der Leyen snag a second term in EU's top job?

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 18:47
It's official: the president of the European Commission wants to stay in office until 2029. Does Ursula von der Leyen have what it takes to secure a second term? And what challenges await her if she pulls it off?

Ukraine updates: 31,000 Ukrainian troops killed in war

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 18:44
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave the first official figure for military casualties since Russia's invasion began in February 2022. DW has the latest.

Is Philippines' Marcos Jr. the EU's new best friend?

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 18:29
Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has managed to improve his country's relations with the West. But what is this sudden friendship based on — and will it last?

Why Germany's far-right AfD youth wing faces a ban

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 18:13
The so-called Young Alternative is the radical youth wing of Germany's far-right AfD party. Courts have deemed the organization "extremist," and calls for a ban are growing.

Ukraine: Germany's Baerbock cuts short visit to Mykolaiv

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 17:36
The German foreign minister was visiting the southern Ukrainian city when an air alert sounded, according to the German Foreign Office. A Russian reconnaissance drone was reportedly flying in the area.

CPAC 2024: Trump steals the show at conservative conference

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 16:30
The annual conference of US conservatives is already celebrating Donald Trump as the country's next president, and he's winning over many supporters. Plus, he just won the South Carolina primary.

Argentina's Milei cozies up to Trump on US visit

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 14:28
US ex-President Donald Trump and Argentinian leader Javier Milei have addressed a conservative conference in Washington. The two swore to make their countries "great again" — but both face challenges.

Belarus: Lukashenko says he'll run for president in 2025

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 12:42
The 69-year-old, who has ruled Belarus with an iron hand since 1994, said: "No responsible president would abandon his people." Lukashenko's contested 2020 election win triggered an unprecedented wave of protests.

Lula's row with Israel has 'divided his own base'

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 11:12
The Brazilian president's comparison of the Gaza conflict with the Holocaust has sparked a diplomatic row. Political scientists are bewildered, and say domestic polarization is to blame.

Policy experts balk at Lula's row with Netanyahu

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 11:12
The Brazilian president's comparison of the Gaza conflict with the Holocaust has sparked a diplomatic row. Political scientists are bewildered, and say domestic polarization is to blame.

China's once richest man, Zong Qinghou, dies aged 79

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 10:17
Zong Qinghou, whose drinks company Wahaha once made him the wealthiest person in China, has died. Beverages from the company are still a mainstay in Chinese shops and kiosks.

How Israel plans to run postwar Gaza

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 09:52
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has presented his plan for governing Gaza after the war, which involves full military control and shutting down the Palestinian relief organization UNRWA. Here's what we know so far.

SAG 2024: 'Oppenheimer' sweeps top awards

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 06:56
The SAG awards, considered an indicator of coming Oscar wins, saw Oppenheimer continue its victory run this award season. The celebratory night came after the union's long strike last year.

Israel-Hamas war: Netanyahu to push for approval of Rafah assault

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 04:45
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will take the ground action plan in Rafah to the Israeli Cabinet for approval soon. Meanwhile, the war Cabinet is sending negotiators to Qatar. DW has more.

Donald Trump wins South Carolina Republican primary, defeating Nikki Haley in her home state

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 02:03
Donald Trump has extended his lead over Nikki Haley for the Republican presidential nomination after winning the South Carolina primary. The result is a major blow for Haley in her home state.

Red Sea: US, UK airstrikes target Iran-backed Houthis

Sat, 02/24/2024 - 23:52
Following an increase in attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, the US and British militaries conducted airstrikes on over a dozen Houthi targets in Yemen.


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