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Updated: 1 min 53 sec ago

4 Questions Retailers Need to Ask About Augmented Reality

19 min 6 sec ago

It’s not for everyone.

What Makes People Upgrade Products? Thinking About Self-Improvement

20 min 10 sec ago

People splurge when they think they’ve grown.

One Way to Reduce Gender Bias in Performance Reviews

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 19:00

Change the ratings scale you use.

How Coworking Spaces Affect Employees’ Professional Identities

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 18:00

They impart a feeling of connection and credibility.

How Departing Leaders Can Pass Along Their Wisdom to Employees

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 17:48

Ed Catmull spent his last day at Pixar sharing what he’s learned.

Creating the Data Economy

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 16:04

AI researcher and entrepreneur Trent McConaghy discusses how blockchain will unlock the value of data by bridging the gap between the AI haves and have-nots and, in turn, helping to create the data economy.

The views expressed on this podcast are those of its hosts, guests, and callers, and not those of Harvard Business Review.

Big Tech vs. the EU, and Why Is College So Expensive?

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 16:03

Youngme, Felix, and Mihir debate the effectiveness of the European Union’s attempts to regulate Big Tech. They then discuss the reasons underlying the soaring price of college in the U.S.

The views expressed on this podcast are those of its hosts, guests, and callers, and not those of Harvard Business Review.

Great Leaders Are Thoughtful and Deliberate, Not Impulsive and Reactive

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 16:00

Observing your responses is the first step to improving.

Research: When Airbnb Listings in a City Increase, So Do Rent Prices

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 15:05

Policy makers, take note.

Don’t Acquire a Company Until You Evaluate Its Data Security

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 19:00

Beware the “data lemon.”

How Younger Salespeople Can Win Over Older Customers

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 18:00

Prepare, cite experts, and express your conviction.

Would You Live in a Smart City Where Government Controls Privacy?

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 17:45

Toronto is experimenting with smart city concepts envisioned by Google spin-off Sidewalk Labs. Harvard Business School professors Leslie John and Mitch Weiss discuss the tradeoffs of using technology to improve modern city life at potential costs to digital privacy from their case, “Sidewalk Labs: Privacy in a City Built from the Internet Up.” Is it worth it?

The views expressed on this podcast are those of its hosts, guests, and callers, and not those of Harvard Business Review.

The Mistake Companies Make When They Use Data to Plan Diversity Efforts

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 17:00

Lack of data is no excuse for ignoring intersectionality.

Avoiding the Expertise Trap

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 16:56

Sydney Finkelstein, professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, says that being the most knowledgeable and experienced person on your team isn’t always a good thing. Expertise can steer you wrong in two important ways. It can stop you from being curious about new developments in your field. And it can make you overconfident about your ability to solve problems in different areas. He says that, to be effective leaders, we need to be more aware of these traps and seek out ways to become more humble and open-minded. Finkelstein is the author of the HBR article “Don’t Be Blinded By Your Own Expertise.”

To Change the Way You Think, Change the Way You See

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 16:00

What Sherlock Holmes has in common with the creator of Softsoap.

Research Confirms: When Receiving Bad News, We Shoot the Messenger

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 15:05

Advice for those who have to deliver it.

Managing Burnout

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 22:58

Stress can enhance our performance at work, but not if it leads to burnout. We talk with an expert on workplace well-being about how women experience burnout and how to manage its causes, symptoms, and repercussions. Guest: Mandy O’Neill.

How Companies Should Prepare Their Forecasts

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 17:00

A great forecast has five attributes.

Why Anxious Customers Prefer Human Customer Service

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 16:00

Self-service tech is a bad idea in stressful situations.


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